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Andhra Pradesh
Andhra Pradesh Andhra Pradesh is a place symbolizing the rich essence of incredible India. It is often called as the “food bowl of the south”.Browse all 13 Districts of Andhra Pradesh Click Here
Arunachal Pradesh
Arunachal Pradesh The state has the largest geographical area among the North-east Indian states commonly known as Seven Sister States.Browse all 16 Districts of Arunachal Pradesh Click Here
Assam The land of red river and blue hills. The Kaziranga National Park of the state is famous for one-horned rhino.Browse all 27 Districts of Assam Click Here
Bihar It is the birth place of religions such as Buddhism and Jainism with Nalanda and Vikramshila Universities as the world class learning centres.Browse all 38 Districts of Bihar Click Here
Chhattisgarh The land full of surprises. The state is also known as Dhan Ka Katora (meaning Bowl of Rice) for its huge production of rice.Browse all 18 Districts of Chhattisgarh Click Here
Goa Goa is a perfect holiday destination. Goa is famous for its clean water beaches as well as for its temples, churches and old houses.Browse all 2 Districts of Goa Click Here
Gujarat The state is popularly known as Vibrant Gujarat. Needlework of Gujarat is famous world over for its elegance and accuracy.Browse all 26 Districts of Gujarat Click Here
Haryana Haryana is known as Green Land of India. Its second largest city (Gurgoan) is one of the most important industrial and financial hubs of the nation.Browse all 21 Districts of Haryana Click Here
Himachal Pradesh
Himachal Pradesh It is popularly called as the Devbhumi–“Land of the Gods”. It is blessed with breathtaking natural sceneries and variety of tourist places.Browse all 12 Districts of Himachal Pradesh Click Here
Jammu & Kashmir
Jammu & Kashmir The state is called as “the paradise on earth”. It is the place where its beauty eradicates all the worries of life and one feel closer to heaven.Browse all 22 Districts of Jammu & Kashmir Click Here
Jharkhand Jharkhand has abundant mineral resources. It is also the land of forest; more than 30% of the state is occupied by forest and woodlands.Browse all 24 Districts of Jharkhand Click Here
Karnataka The varied cultural heritage of Karnataka is the gift of its diverse linguistic, religious ethnicities and their long histories.Browse all 29 Districts of Karnataka Click Here
Kerala Kerala has the highest literacy rate among all the states of India. As per 2011 census the literacy rate of the state is 94%.Browse all 14 Districts of Kerala Click Here
Madhya Pradesh
Madhya Pradesh Geographically, it is the second largest state in India. The state encompasses an area of3, 08, 252 sq. km.Browse all 50 Districts of Madhya Pradesh Click Here
Maharashtra The capital of the state is Mumbai which is the financial capital of India. Maharashtra has the largest number of taxpayers in India.Browse all 35 Districts of Maharashtra Click Here
Manipur Jawaharlal Nehru once called Manipur as “the jewel of India”. One can found the rare Sangai deer and beautiful Siroy Lily only in Manipur.Browse all 9 Districts of Manipur Click Here
Meghalaya The population of Meghalaya is basically tribal. Khasis, Garo and Jaintias are the chief tribal groups which constitute the majority of its population.Browse all 7 Districts of Meghalaya Click Here
Mizoram Mizoram is sharing the border with the neighbouring countries Myanmar and Bangladesh. Around 90.38% of its geographical area covers the forest.Browse all 8 Districts of Mizoram Click Here
Nagaland Nagaland is popularly called as the land of festivals because its one festival is followed by another throughout the whole year.Browse all 11 Districts of Nagaland Click Here
Odisha Odisha is often known as the land of Lord Jagannath. Its Sand Art, Metal Work, Stone Carving and Puppets are famous all over the world.Browse all 30 Districts of Odisha Click Here
Punjab Punjab is bread-basket of India. The adaptability of its farmer to the new agricultural technologies and ideas help to increase the wheat production of India.Browse all 20 Districts of Punjab Click Here
Rajasthan Rajasthan, the land of great kings and their kingdoms had a glorious history. Rajasthan has 60% of the Great Indian Desert Thar.Browse all 33 Districts of Rajasthan Click Here
Sikkim The state is small in size but surrounded by beautiful natural sceneries that one would love to go to this place again and again.Browse all 4 Districts of Sikkim Click Here
Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu is best known for its Bharatanatyam (dance), Tanjore painting and Tamil architecture which depict its unique culture.Browse all 32 Districts of Tamil Nadu Click Here
Telangana It is the 29th state of India. For a period of 10 years Hyderabad is the common capital of both Telengana and Andhra Pradesh.Browse all 10 Districts of Telangana Click Here
Tripura Geographically, it is the third-smallest state in the country. The state encompasses an area of 10,491sq kmBrowse all 4 Districts of Tripura Click Here
Uttar Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh Uttar Pradesh is most populated state in India.It has one of the 7 wonders of the world, i.e. the TajMahal.Browse all 71 Districts of Uttar Pradesh Click Here
Uttarakhand It is the abode of Himalayas and has different types of adventure activities like river rafting, trekking, mountaineering and paragliding.Browse all 13 Districts of Uttarakhand Click Here
West Bengal
West Bengal The UNESCO World Heritage Site, Sundarbans National Park in West Bengal is famous for Royal Bengal Tiger.Browse all 19 Districts of West Bengal Click Here
District-level Associate sites by sectors
This category provides data on Agricultural Land Use, Agricultural Production, Fertilizer Consumption, Irrigation, Animal Husbandry, Fishing, Wages, Prices and Warehouses etc. Log on to to view all 620 Districts of India showing Agriculture data »
Bank and Finance
It confers statistical facts on banking penetration and performance of the districts in India such as the Offices, Deposits and Credit of All Scheduled Commercial Banks. Log on to to view all 620 Districts of India showing Bank and Finance data »
Crime and Law
This section provides information on IPC Crimes, Crimes against Women/Children, Accidents, Prisons, Suicide Cases, Courts and Police Forces in Indian districts. Log on to to view all 620 Districts of India showing Crime and Law data »
This segment furnishes data as per Census on Population, Slum/ Houseless Population, Religion Population, Age-group Population, SCs/STs Population, Sex Ratio and Growth. Log on to to view all 620 Districts of India showing Demographics data »
This section provides information on District Income, Revenue/Expenditure, Purchasing Power Parity Households, Poverty, Market Size, Output and Fair Price Shops/Ration Cards, etc. Log on to to view all 620 Districts of India showing Economy data »
This sector covers Educational Institutions, Enrolment, Drop-out Rates, Teacher-Pupil Ratio, Teaching Staff, Literacy Rate, Literate/Illiterate, etc. in different districts of India. Log on to to view all 620 Districts of India showing Education data »
Data Related to Normal/Actual Rainfall, Forest Covers, Geographical Area, Ground Water, National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries etc. can be found in this section. Log on to to view all 620 Districts of India showing Environment data »
Provides Health Institutions, Health Manpower, Immunization, Vital Statistics, Disabled Population, Diseases, Nutrition and Family Welfare, etc. in the Indian districts. Log on to to view all 620 Districts of India showing Health data »
This section highlights records on Physical/Financial Status of Factories and Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), Craft Centres, Sericulture Activities and Minerals etc. Log on to to view all 620 Districts of India showing Industry data »
Presents information on Households by Source of Drinking Water, Electricity, Electrification, Post/Telegraph Offices, Telecom, Transport and Petroleum in different districts of India. Log on to to view all 620 Districts of India showing infrastructure data »
Labour and Workforce
This part contains data on Workers Classification, Houseless Workers, Child Labour, Labour Disputes, Employments, unemployment and Employment Exchanges etc. Log on to to view all 620 Districts of India showing Labour and Workforce data »

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